A New Beginning

CCD – Carter’s Custom Designs

A note from Kimber Carter – owner and designer at CCD…

I am Kimber Carter, owner of Carter’s Custom Designs (CCD), formerly known as Caithlin Carter Designs.  I have been in the jewelry designing business since December 2009. 

My alt avatar, Lake Swords, is the creator and designer of BodyWear Jewelry and the BodyWear Jewelry Franchise with nearly 400 affiliate members and remote stores on over 500 sims this year across the grid.

In August 2010, I purchased the entire CCD store and merchandise from Caithlin Carter.  It was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.  The quality of her designs is breathtaking.  It was in my best interest to use my original avatar Kimber Carter and keep the businesses separate and to keep the business name CCD, only changing the meaning of the acronym CCD to Carter’s Custom Designs. 

I relocated the CCD mainstore to Bodywear Island next to the BodyWear Jewelry main store.  This was quite a process, tearing up streets and putting in the custom CCD store.  My friends and loved ones had to close their eyes as I did this mass destruction… grins.  Hugs and thanks to Larryb for much of the CCD photography and for creating additions to the CCD main store for all the future goodies to come.  

I have kept the former CCD store models and set everything back up with my own vendors.  This was quite a challenge for both Caithlin and myself to transfer literally thousands of files from Europe to the United States.  … again, a big thanks and hug to Larryb Writer, who helped technically to make this all happen smoothly.  

A big hug also to designer Caithlin Carter.  I am so proud to own and sell her wonderful designs along with my own creations.  I look forward to working with her on future designs as well.”



About CCD - carterscustomdesigns by Kimber Carter

Graphic 3D designer of avatar jewelry, cosmetics, fingernails, eyelashes & hair in the 3d Virtual World Second Life.