New CCD Plaza – Formal Opening

CCD Store

The date of the grand opening of the new CCD Plaza is set for the 11th of February. The stores and the shopping environment have been completely redesigned and now sit in a beautiful and spacious plaza where you can shop in total relaxation surrounded by trees, waterfalls and some delightful SL architecture.

CCD Plaza

CCD Plaza

The plaza itself, designed and built by LarryB Writer, is a truly inspiring setting for the CCD and Bodywear collections. The combination of exceptional jewelry and stunning architecture is the result of months of hard work and reflects a vision which Kimber Carter has always wanted and has now realised so beautifully. The overwhelming experience is one of space and elegance, a fusion of creativity and design.

CCD Entrance Hall


All your favourite CCD – Carter’s Custom Designs and Bodywear collections are now available at CCD Plaza. You can also kick back a little and enjoy a latte or cappuccino in the coffee shop after a busy day’s shopping or simply relax in the beautiful surroundings. Come visit us here at CCD Plaza and experience for yourself the delights of shopping in such a wonderfully inspiring environment.

Visit the new CCD Plaza here.


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