Three New Jewelry Releases for Valentine’s Day

Tess Ruby Hearts

Tess Ruby Hearts

New for valentine’s day, reflective diamonds and ruby hearts placed beautifully in an ornate rococo setting. Tess Ruby Hearts is an ideal romantic gift on this most romantic of days. Comprising a necklace and earrings, Tess Ruby Hearts will set off your valentine’s outfit to perfection. Exquisite jewelry from Kimber Carter for valentine’s day.

Trinity Ruby HeartsTrinity Ruby Hearts

Trinity Ruby Hearts takes the valentine’s heart theme and, just like Tess Ruby Hearts, fuses romance and exceptional design to make a stunning jewelry set which would grace any elegant wardrobe. Perfect with evening-wear but also eminently wearable in a less formal setting, Trinity Ruby Hearts would make a stunning gift or personal purchase.


Elegantly simple, beautiful and yet still resonating with the themes of valentine’s day – romance, devotion, courtship and, of course, love. Thrill your betrothed and your desired with a beautiful heart pendant in diamonds and exquisite matching earrings. A stunning jewelry set which will thrill your ‘true love’ and show them truly how much you care. Purchased on valentine’s day; worn forever – ‘Valerie’.

“This bud of love, by summer’s ripening breath, May prove a beauteous flower when next we meet. Good night, good night! as sweet repose and rest Come to thy heart as that within my breast.”

William Shakespeare


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