And the winner is…

CCD Goddess - Fori Mathys

CCD Goddess - Fori Mathys

The entries for the $30000L CCD ‘Goddess’ Photo Contest were truly spectacular, with a large number of incredibly high-quality photographs put forward for consideration.

The standard of photographs was very high and it seems that many of you were truly inspired by the CCD Goddess Collection. It was both enormous fun and truly difficult to judge such an array of outstandingly high-quality entries but, after some deliberation, it was decided that there would be one overall winner and two noteworthy runners up.

A huge ‘thank you‘ to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winner and runners up.

  • First Prize ($30000L) – Fori Mathys
  • Runner-Up ($5000L) – Queen13itch Soulstar
  • Runner-Up ($5000L) – Cleopatra Antiesse
  • Runner-Up ($5000L) – QueenBrat Bracken
CCD Goddess - Queen13itch Soulstar 2

CCD Goddess - Queen13itch Soulstar

CCD Goddess - Cleopatra Antiesse

CCD Goddess - Cleopatra Antiesse

CCD Goddess - QueenBrat Bracken

CCD Goddess - QueenBrat Bracken


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