‘Fire’ Long Prim Nails + Ring

Fire Nails plus Ring

Continuing the tradition of exceptionally high quality prim nails, CCD is proud to announce the release of ‘Fire’. ‘Fire’ long prim nails + ring are available in 9 beautiful shades and, once again, marries the most exquisite and detailed textures with beautiful nail design and ease of wear. ‘Fire’, available exclusively at CCD, brings together the artistry of richly detailed nails with the glamour of a beautiful colour-matched ring.

In alchemy, fire was said to be the first-born of the mystical elements, the element of change which drove the magical transformation of base metals into gold. So what will ‘Fire’ represent for you? Will ‘Fire’ be the searing heat of a secret passion? Will it reflect your intriguing changability? Will ‘Fire’ be the spark of amazing creativity in the crucible of your rebellious soul?

Show the world how unique you are. Come to CCD today to see ‘Fire’, available now in the foyer.


About Iain Wandsworth

Blogger for Carter's Custom Designs

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