New Submissive Collars

Spikes and Diamonds

Two beautiful new collars are now available at CCD. Once again, the style and elegance of the very finest Second Life jewelry has been fused with the dark corruption of submission and something altogether new has been created. Each collar includes matching earrings and are fully transferable. A more detailed explanation of the collar’s functions can be found here.

The eponymous ‘Spikes and Diamonds’ features twin circlets of the finest reflective diamonds nestling amongst cruel stiletto-sharp spikes. The set also contains earrings in the same edgy theme.

Owner of my Heart‘Owner of my Heart’ is a more romantic design and comes with two styles of earring; one with bell and one without. This collar, though packed with BDSM functions, could be worn as an elegant choker and would make a perfect item for those days when you require something discrete that still leaves you feeling deliciously owned.

Whether buying for yourself as a submissive who simply wants to wear the very best or as a Master or Mistress looking for the most elegant of collars for their beloved ‘pet’ or ‘partner’, you are certain to find something truly satisfying at CCD.

I do not love nor pleasure seek
Nor feign false strength in bonds so weak
As ties that bind or hold me still.
It is just your strength, your touch, your will.

Restrained I am but not in bondage find
The strongest ropes of heart and mind.
In just this collar here I lay
My thoughts of you and another day.

I Wandsworth (2012)


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