‘Real’ Hands – Sculpt Hands & Nails from CCD

Sculpt Hands Composite

Available now at CCD, a highly innovative and beautifully designed new product to meet all your manicure and jewelry needs. Real Hands features ‘sculpt’ hands which replace your avatar’s hands and keep your nails in exactly the right position all the time regardless of your pose or AO. No more detached floating nails or modifying your shape to get your nails to fit; CCD Real Hands does everything for you.

Features / Advantages:

  • Your AO will not displace your nails. Your nails are always perfectly positioned.
  • No need to modify your shape to fit your nails. Now you can wear amazing nails with your favourite ‘no modify’ shape.
  • For modeling, you can now be assured that your nails will always be attached perfectly to your fingers.
  • Choose between ‘with rings’ or ‘without rings’ options (you can always add your own rings if your viewer has this feature).

Real Hands comes with 15 beautiful pre-loaded nail textures /colours and an array of jewelry, available in gold or silver. Choose to wear Real Hands with or without stylish CCD rings or the stunning choker, tiara, earrings and jewelled belt contained in each purchase.

Real Hand HUD

Real Hands features an easy-to-use HUD to allow skin-tone matching and selection of your favourite manicure. The hands can be resized simply by clicking (resizer script). Everything you need is available from the HUD with just a few simple clicks of your mouse. Elegance and simplicity from CCD.

Exquisite high-quality nail textures, a huge choice of glamorous jewelry, innovative design and simplicity of use – Real Hands from CCD.


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