Thorns & Roses Submissive Collar

Thorns & Roses

The dark side of a rose are its thorns. Come sense the corrupting beauty and the sharp pricks of pain from the Thorns & Roses submissive collar from CCD.

Crafted from the finest reflective diamonds, Thorns & Roses is one of the most beautiful BDSM collars available in Second Life. Exquisite diamond roses are seamlessly juxtaposed with stiletto-sharp thorns and these iconic motifs enclose your sub’s neck in a circlet of pleasure and pain. Not only is Thorns & Roses beautifully designed, it is also highly functional and equipped with a myriad of BDSM features to enjoy and explore.

Thorns & RosesIf your sub deserves the very best, adorn her with the most beautiful diamonds in Second Life and mark her submission with the finest designer-created collar available. Thorns & Roses reflects something of her ambiguities. Like her, it is a paradox. Like her, it is beautiful.

Thorns & Roses, the beautiful new submissive collar from CCD, includes matching rose-themed earrings.

A summary of the collar’s capabilities may be found here.


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