Mesh Clothing Boutique Now Open at CCD

An exciting new range of Mesh clothing is now available at CCD featuring some wonderful Mesh creations in a dazzling array of designs and colours. All CCD Mesh clothing is available in the newly opened Mesh Boutique, conveniently situated to the East of the Landing Point in CCD Plaza.

The CCD Tight Fit Dress comes in 17 design variations and 5 sizes to give you maximum flexibility. Available in a variety of materials and textures, the beautifully made Tight Fit Dress offers a myriad of possibilities.

Butterflies PinkJewelry sets to complement the new clothing range are also available in the Mesh Boutique. Twelve variations of the Zanadu jewelry set are available, each one themed perfectly to match your new outfit. Each set comprises bangles, earrings and necklace; all designed with CCD’s customary flair and quality.

Long Mesh DressThe Open Sequins Party Gown, another new Mesh creation, is available in 7 glorious colours. Glamorous and enticing, this design flows from a single strapped halter neck in a daring cascade of colour, plunging low on both the front and back of the gown.

The Open Sequins Party Gown is sold in 2 sizes with a complementary belly piercing.

Other Mesh clothing available now at CCD includes leather pants / trousers in 10 beautiful colour variations with ultra high quality realistic textures.

About Mesh Clothing

Mesh in Second Life is a relatively new innovation which enables designers to create beautiful new clothing using professional 3D design tools outside of the viewer.

Mesh clothing does require a Mesh-compatible viewer and may require some minor adjustments to your avatar shape for correct fitting. CCD Mesh clothing comes in a variety of sizes and appropriately-sized avatar shapes are available in the CCD Mesh Boutique. It is highly recommended that you try the Demo for every item of Mesh clothing before you buy.

More detailed information about ‘Mesh’ may be found on the Second Life Wiki or the Second Life Mesh Forum.


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