New Luxury Optical Range

Luxury Optical - Victorian Lace

An exciting new release is now available at CCD. ‘Luxury Optical’ features 3 distinctive sets of spectacles combining the very best of high-quality jewelry design with the sophisticated elegance of something completely new in Second Life eye-wear.

With a stunning attention to detail, the new ‘Luxury Optical’ range comprises 3 dazzling new designs:

  • Victorian Lace.
  • Dazzle Platinum.
  • Diamond Drenched.

Luxury Optical - Diamond DrenchedCombining the ornate design of fine jewelry with sumptuous diamonds and high-fashion spectacles, you can be both glamorous and sexy wherever you find yourself in your Second Life. The ‘Luxury Optical’ range from CCD adds a new dimension to your appearance and will become a must-have accessory for the fashion-conscious woman.

Luxury Optical - Dazzle PlatinumEye-wear has never been so elegant nor so fashionable. ‘Luxury Optical’ eye-wear combined with your favourite CCD jewelry will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Spectacles somehow completely transform your appearance and ‘Luxury Optical’ are the very best. Three designs are available now at CCD.


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