‘Glowing’ Lashes – New from CCD

Real-Lash - Glowing earlsAudacious and innovative, new ‘glowing lashes’ have been released at CCD to complement the Real Lash range of beautiful eyelashes for your Second Life avatar.

While retaining the superlative quality of the Real Lash range, these glowing designs are both highly flattering and entirely new. The subtle glow of these lashes will lend your avatar a hint of magic, an ethereal presence marked by timeless beauty, mystery and allure.

Alpha Glow GoldAvailable in gold, silver and pearl, CCD glow lashes look simply amazing when seen in the Second Life viewer and should really be worn in-world to truly appreciate the beauty of the designs.

Gold is a mix of opalescent allure and striking glamour, rich in summer shades and sunbeams shimmering in a mystical grove.

Glow Silver LashesSilver reflects more of the moon than the summer sun. Hecate in all her glory would have worn lashes like these and you too can capture something of the mystery and magic of her beauty with CCD glowing lashes.

Fire and ice, sun and moon – try ‘glowing lashes’ at CCD today.


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