‘Petite Avatar’ Jewelry & Accessories

Petite Goddess

CCD is very proud to announce the release of a stunning new range of jewelry and accessories designed specifically for ‘Petite Avatars’.

With the introduction of Mesh and Mesh-compatible viewers for Second Life, it is now possible to totally transform your avatar into a dazzling array of fantastical shapes and sizes. One of the most popular communities in this new Mesh-enabled world is the magical world of fairy-like ‘Petite Avatars’, beautiful avatars approximately 1/3 of the size of a regular Second Life avatar.

Petite - Magic Hair w-jewelryWith everything from beautiful eyelashes and jeweled hair to full fantasy jewelry sets (see main photograph – Petite Goddess), CCD can help to make your new Petite Avatar even more beautiful.

Petite - Venus Diamond Fantasy RealLash

Losing nothing of the quality of CCD’s full-size designs, the ‘Petite Avatar’ range offers a wealth of glamorous possibilities in this new tiny world-within-a-world.

All the new jewelry and accessories for Petite Avatars can be found close to the Landing Point of CCD Plaza.


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