11 Nail Sets – New Release

A message from Kimber Carter (owner / designer at CCD):

Let me introduce to you 11 new fingernails in the CCD family …. Welcome home kids! (like my corny introduction?)

I go through so many phases in my Second Life. I’m sure many of you know what I mean.  I have always loved tinkering with SL homes and land and the other day I got that bug to do it again.  My plaza is at 1000 meters in the sky and so I have the whole ground area to play!  Well, I now have a gorgeous cabin and natural wildlife down there.  It’s like a jungle of greenery… I just love it!  It’s so relaxing and mood setting for making beautiful things for all of you 🙂

Ok, now to the point of this post… My latest indulging project was 11 sets of individual fingernails. (that’s over 110 nails counting all the colors & styles…. whew! … very tedious work but I love tedious so this works well for me 🙂   They have always been so popular here at CCD that I have decided to expand my selections.

I want you to see the quality of these nails so I have one free pair for you…

Hugs to all of you



About CCD - carterscustomdesigns by Kimber Carter

Graphic 3D designer of avatar jewelry, cosmetics, fingernails, eyelashes & hair in the 3d Virtual World Second Life.

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