Mesh Nails – Dark series 1

Mesh Nails - Dark Series 1 (model / photographer - Moi Wandsworth)

Mesh Nails – Dark Series 1 (model / photographer – Moi Wandsworth)

There are 66 shades of dark corruption in Series 1 of CCD’s latest release of exquisite Mesh nails. Sublimely sensual and yet amazingly practical and versatile too, ‘Dark’ exudes elegance and style but with a hint of deliciously dark pleasure in each individual design.

DS 1 HUDEasily configurable using the HUD, nail textures can be chosen for each individual nail or for the whole hand. The combinations are essentially limitless and you can have a huge amount of fun changing your look to suit your mood, outfit or event.

‘Dark’ Series 1 Mesh Nails contains:

– One pair of non-rigged mesh fingernails (each with 66 texture variations)
– One themed HUD to control your nails
– Modifiable gloves to match your skin tone

Features / Benefits:

  • HUD and hands utilise 1 script with very low memory usage
  • HUD will work anywhere, even on no-script land
  • Select Hand Size 0, 10, or 20
  • Finger picker – to apply different polishes to fingers
  • ‘All’ selection to apply one polish to all nails quickly
  • Hide all nails
  • Pose button – to work on outfits anytime, anywhere
  • Nail transparency On/Off

Enjoy the ultimate in beautiful nails with a hint of dark corruption from CCD – ‘Dark Series 1’ is available now at CCD Plaza.


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