Mesh Nails – French Mega 100 Pack

French Mega 100 Pack

‘Moi’ wearing a selection from the French Mega 100 Pack

Mega FrenchThe latest release of CCD Mesh Nails features 100 amazing new designs in a single easy-to-use pack. HUD controlled, the French Mega 100 Pack contains an array of intricate and beautifully executed nail textures which can be individually selected on every nail for total flexibility.  Have fun mixing the designs or perhaps you would prefer just one glamorous design on every nail. Whatever you choose, any look can be achieved with a few simple clicks of the HUD. Both elegant and eminently wearable, the French Mega 100 Pack contains everything you need.

This collection features exquisite French Manicured nails in an dazzling array of colours and designs. Simple and elegant pastel shades are combined with darker tones, intricate textures and some very pretty nail motifs.

Exquisite designs… Elegant manicured nails… 100 amazing textures… All in one easy-to-use HUD… What are you waiting for? The French Mega 100 Pack is available now at CCD.


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