Alphabet Nails – Messages at your Fingertips

Just released at CCD, an amazing new concept in versatile nail art. CCD now gives you the opportunity to customize each nail with a letter or symbol and so write messages with your nails. Just imagine the fun you could have with a new message every day; something to reflect your mood, something for a loved one to read, something witty, something meaningful or just something that appeals to you and you want to tell the world.

Alphabet Artistic Grunge Nails

Artistic Grunge Alphabet Nails

Classic French Alphabet Nails

Classic French Alphabet Nails

Available in 2 exquisite designs, CCD’s Alphabet Nails come in ‘Artistic Grunge’ or ‘Classic French’ styles and are ready out-of-the-box for you to add your inspiration in a message across your fingertips. Just use the HUD to select a letter or symbol for each nail and express yourself through your manicure. Even though ‘messages at your fingertips’ is a novel concept, no shortcuts have been taken with quality. CCD mesh nails remain the most beautiful nails you could ever want to wear.

Express yourself with ‘Messages at your Fingertips’ – Alphabet Nails are available now at CCD Plaza


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