‘Spring’ Mega 50 Pack 2 Mesh Nails

Spring Mega 50 Pack 2 (Mesh Nails)

Spring Mega 50 Pack 2 (Mesh Nails) – Model ‘Moi’

The second pack of Spring-inspired HUD-controlled mesh nails is now available at CCD. 50 exquisite and finely-crafted new textures are ready for use in this latest release of highest-quality mesh nails. Complete your Spring manicure in time for a beautiful Easter break.

Spring 2 Colour ChartWith a plethora of beautifully detailed textures to choose from, your choices are limitless. Use the HUD to control which texture to apply to each finger or simply select one texture to apply a professional manicure to your hands with a single click of the HUD.

Delightful Spring-themed textures, rich shades and an array of choices means that you have a bouquet of beautiful colours literally at your fingertips. Why be limited to a single design when, with CCD’s HUD-controlled mesh nails, you can choose the designs YOU want for the look that YOU desire.

The ‘Spring’ Mega 50 Pack 2 mesh nails are delivered ready-to-wear for hand sizes 0, 10 or 20.


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