d. Mesh Designer (Clothing & Accessories)

Hela Lennie - Mesh / Texture Designer

Hela Lennie – Mesh Designer (Clothing & Accessories)

Hello, I’m Hela Lennie. My story in Second Life had a very interesting start and, in some ways, reflects the way my Real Life developed also.

I discovered Second Life quite by chance as one day I was simply bored at home and I was looking for a new and interesting game. In this way, I discovered Second Life and my adventure in here began. I was immediately captivated by this virtual world as it was possible to create so many looks, so many different types of avatar and so reflect different personalities and characters.

One day, I was simply wandering around Second Life searching for interesting free gifts and to perhaps join some free groups and, with an amazing stroke of luck, I ran into Kimber Carter, unaware at this stage that she was the owner and designer at CCD. I asked her if there were any free gifts at the store and so my story with CCD began.

With help from my friends Kimber Carter and LarryB Writer, I began to develop some mesh designs for Second Life. I told Kimber about my work as a RL graphic designer and Kimber suggested a few early things and supported me greatly while I learned to design in our virtual world.

And now, after 2 or 3 years, I help Kimber with CCD and have my own store at CCD Plaza called ‘He La’.


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