e. Models

Jodette – CCD Model


I was really thrilled when Kimber asked me to join the modeling team at CCD and I am privileged to now be a part of such a great team. Even when I am not modeling at the store, I am rarely to be found without my beautiful CCD jewelry, prim nails or lashes. I think that Kimber does a wonderful job in making Second Life a more beautiful place and I truly look forward to dressing up to model whenever I have time to get to the store.

Do say “hi” if you seee me at CCD. I’m rarely away from my computer when I’m modeling and I love to help and advise customers. Meeting people is part of the fun for me so I look forward to seeing you at CCD soon.

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` * ღ Jodettte ღ

Second Life Profile


Jam Kuhn – CCD Model

Jam Kuhn

Jam Kuhn – CCD Model

My Second Life dream started out envying models …seeking jobs to be a model… and I never thought it might all come true.

I was a ‘noob’ back then and luckily having to be interviewed and hired at CCD last March of 2009. Yes… its been more than 2 years and still going and upgrading if I may say (smiles). Working at CCD is like my hobby in SL. Addicting … and for me generally fun. Wearing the most elegant and awesome jewelry. Not to mention the new items they have instore which will make you a fine looking SL citizen.Working with nice and friendly people and treating each other like a family. I think I’ll be hanging here for quite long for  CCD is now my life in Second Life. And in Second Life I found my Real Partner…yes and even though we don’t have time for SL marriage, we are soon tying the knot in RL. Inspiring story of my Sl life…and the reality still lives on.


Second Life Profile


Adrianna Rose – CCD Model

Adrianna Rose

Adrianna Rose – CCD Model

I have been asked to share of bit of myself for this article, although it’s not in my nature.    I came to Second Life on the advice of a friend and was surprised, sometimes a bit shocked… (laughs) you know what I mean I’m sure.  One thing I did find interesting are the jobs you can learn and so I thought modeling would be fun.   Very early in my attempts, boy did I have a lot to learn, I met Larryb through my need to get some pictures done.   What a wonderful experience.  

After getting my photos, he introduced me to Lake Swords, the creator of Bodywear.  For a small town girl, the people of Second Life are amazing.  The energy, the friendship and the feelings I received from both of them was sincere, helpful and just perfect.   I love to shop in Second Life (smiles) well who doesn’t and then Larryb kept me focused with styling suggestions in photo sessions over time and the experience just turned into something I never expected to find myself in.   As Lake grew her business, I got to grow my fashion skills and became one of her first models.  Now I find myself, working with two great friends at a job I never thought I would be in (at least in real life).   I really do want to thank Lake and Kimber for their support and patience with me.  They have, with Larryb, made this a place I hold in my heart and will never forget.


Second Life Profile



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