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Iain Wandsworth

Iain Wandsworth
Iain Wandsworth – Blogger

I have been involved with CCD in one way or another for almost 3 years and, throughout this time, I’ve watched the store develop and grow into the amazing place that it is today. I first started writing the CCD blog for Caithlin back in January 2009 and moved relatively seamlessly (lol) into Kimber’s operation when the store was transferred. It has been an interesting journey and a creative one. It is a journey I would not have missed for the world.

Kimber and Caithlin describe themselves as ‘designers’ but they are actually much more than this and this is one of the many reasons that I continue to derive so much pleasure from working so closely with such talented people. I write for CCD because the jewelry and products that Kimber and Caithlin create transcend mere ‘design‘ and so become ‘art‘; this is something worth writing about and I relish the challenge of trying to capture a little of the beauty of CCD in the words that I type for this blog.

I am one of those people who actively seek ambiguity, someone who needs to be constantly challenged and someone who likes to explore the boundaries of things. There is an ambiguity at the core of our experience in Second Life and an intriguing boundary which is often blurred between the real and the virtual worlds; this both challenges and excites me and my work at CCD is part of that ongoing exploration.

After all this time, I still watch in awe as a thousand tiny prims arrange themselves into a coherent object in front of my eyes while Caithlin or Kimber manipulate each prim with an acute deftness and delicate skill in a virtual 3-dimensional space. After all this time, I am still amazed that a cluster of data held on a server in California can become something so beautiful on a screen anywhere in the world. After all this time, I am still overwhelmed by the magic of it all. That is why I write this blog for CCD; it is a labour of love… in every sense of the word.


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