a. Owner & Designer

Kimber Carter

Kimber Carter

Kimber Carter - Owner & Designer

I am Kimber Carter, owner and designer of CCD ( Carter’s Custom Designs).  I have been in the designing business since 2009. 

My main store is at CCD Plaza, located on the CCD sim.  The plaza expands the full horizon of the sim and provides an exquisite shopping buffet for the appetites of  shopping lovers in Second Life.  There are many large stores in the plaza that hold a vast array of avatar “candy” from every kind of jewerly imaginable, to lashes, nails, makeup, hair & gowns.  CCD Plaza is your one stop mega-store for most all your avatar needs.  I am also the owner and designer of BodyWear Jewelry which also has it’s home in the CCD Plaza.

CCD is the proud sponsor and creator of the Miss Virtual World 2011 & 2012 Crown.  Also the crowns for the pageants of Mr. Costa Rica & Miss Costa Rica.  CCD uses the most beautiful breath-taking reflective diamonds in Second Life for it’s creations.

Being a designer in Second Life is more than just making beautiful things.  It’s about intuition, planning, observing, marketing, strategy, charity, passion, nurturing, watering, loving, sharing, researching & doing all this in a consistent harmony so each day and minute spent is an equal balance of either accomplishing tasks or enjoying life.  …. all in harmony.

“My goals and vision for CCD is to provide the Second Life community with an ever-growing selection and variety of beautiful avatar products and  a very pleasant shopping experience.


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