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LarryB Writer

LarryB Writer

LarryB Writer - CCD Photographer & Builder

I’m mostly a typical secondlifer, highly engaged in a hectic real life but also and always intensely curious.  Secondlife for me started out as an adventure to find ways to think out of the mental box we all seem to build for ourselves.  This place lead to many personal insights and like everyone here, a lot of unexpected growth.  I first spent way too much time hanging out at dance locations, and then learning to build.  I rapidly came to realize that the options and variety for photography far exceeded what most of us find in real life, so over 3 years ago I begin to learn the tools we have.    Over time, that has migrated from lots of profile and picks pictures, to my self discovery of expression you find in photography or any artistic endeavour and a deep enjoyment for sharing how you perceive things.  As an Aries, I enjoy making people happy with my work and also teaching those who are new here.

I met Kimber early in her efforts and desire to make jewelry.  I watched her make the very first products and have supported her ideas with honest input.  Sometimes, ideas gel, personalities are in sync, skills and life’s interests are on the same road, and so for us all this is true.  Looking back, it’s been an incredible experience.  As I continue to work my own growth with tools used by professional photographers, the lessons are influencing all aspects of my life. The tools and capabilities the creative environment second life offers us, although are no longer as unique, it is a still special place to work.  It’s provided an artistic outlet I have always looked for.   Oh and that mental box… it’s gone or at least I have no idea where the boundaries are, mission accomplished.  🙂


Second Life Profile


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