Gift Cards

CCD gift cards are a wonderful way to give a gift in SL. Available in multiple denominations from $100L to $5000L, they are a perfect way to show your love or appreciation to a friend or partner and, of course, allow the lucky recipient to choose something that is truly special to them from the huge number of high-quality products at CCD.  CCD gift cards can be purchased at the store in Second Life or on the Second Life Marketplace (xstreet); they are transferrable and never expire.

Simply wear the gift card before making your purchase.  When buying an item using your gift card, right click on the item you want to purchase and select card.  The value of the purchase will then be subtracted from your card balance and you will be advised of your remaining balance.  If the item you want to purchase costs more than the balance on the card you simply pay the difference.

Note: If you purchased a gift card prior to August 2010, please contact Kimber Carter.