Submissive Collars

CCD collars are currently available in 8 beautiful designs:

Thorns & Roses

Thorns & Roses

Spikes and Diamonds

Spikes & Diamonds

Owner of my Heart

Owner of my Heart

Stylish BDSM Collar




Glamorous BDSM Collar


Girls Best Friend

Girl's Best Friend



Collar Functions & Help

CCD Diamond Collars come with all the features you would expect from a high-quality submissive’s collar. Fully Restrained Life Viewer (RLV) compatible, CCD Collars come fully loaded with great features to enrich your Second Life submissive experience as well as looking fantastic. Each collar comes with 2 pairs of earrings, a selectable lock ornament (to show when the collar is locked) and a switchable bell. Fully menu-driven and incredibly easy to use for both the Dom and the Sub, each of the  CCD Collars comes with the following features:

  • Choose Gender
  • Resizing
  • Restrained Life Viewer (RLV) options
  • Set Owner (or select ‘public use’)

CCD Collars also contain a number of pre-loaded D/s animations and timing features:

  • Subpet
  • Subkiss
  • Footkiss
  • Subhug
  • Hug
  • Set the length of time that these animations play

There are also extensive ‘leashing’ and ‘punishment’ options:

  • Post  (leash anchors can be rezzed from the menu)
  • Leash ( leash handles can be rezzed from the menu)
  • Length (set the length of your sub’s leash)
  • Timer
  • Electric shock

Each CCD Collar includes an array of delightfully submissive poses:

  • Whip
  • Whip2
  • Tower
  • Towerg
  • Stay (sub is unable to move)
  • Pleasure
  • Submit
  • Open
  • Open2
  • Plead
  • Lesha
  • Lounge
  • Nadu
  • Kneeltothemaster
  • Layrelaxed

Sound effects are fully configurable:

  • Turn on/off Bell sound
  • Turn on/off Chain Sound

2 thoughts on “Submissive Collars

  1. Verronika says:

    Are any of these are for sale. I want to buy “Girls Best Friend”

    • Verronika,

      I apologise for the late response. All the designs are available to purchase in Second Life at the CCD store.

      Its not clear from your email whether or not you are aware that Second Life is a ‘virtual world’ and CCD is not a real store. If you are already a member of the Second Life community, please follow any of the SLURL links on the blog to teleport you directly to CCD.

      Thank you for your enquiry 🙂


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