Prim Nails Manual

Some nail sets are designed for 3 different hand sizes and others for just 2:

  • Hand size 0
  • Hand size 10
  • Hand size 20


Do not try to adjust your new nails. It’s a tough job and very difficult to achieve a good result. The best way to achieve a good fit for your nails is to change your hand size to 0, 10 or 20.  If you changed your hand size to the recommended sizes and there are still imperfections, you can, of course, adjust your nails but please be aware that you should only make small adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Potential problems with CCD Prim Nails:

• How can I check or adjust my hand-size?

➜ You can find this in the Appearance menu of your avatar
➜ Right mouse click on your avatar
➜ Click “appearance” in the pie menu
➜ Click the first button “shape” (default setting)
➜ Click “torso”
➜ Look for “handsize” (4th from the bottom)
➜ Adjust your handsize to 0,10 or 20.

• My nails don’t seem to fit anymore?

➜ If you wear/wore an AO or used a certain pose, SL sometimes continues that pose longer that you might expect.  The easiest way to solve this is to:
➜ Detach your nails
➜ Go to “World” in the toolbar of your viewer/window
➜ Click “stop all animations”
➜ Wear your nails again and they will fit you perfectly.

Is it possible to wear a ring and prim nails at the same time?

➜ Yes and no. Linden Lab usually allows us only one attachment point per hand. Rings and nails both use this same attachment point. This means that you have to choose between wearing a ring or wearing prim nails.  In some viewers, it is now possible to use the ‘add’ command to add multiple attachments to a single attachment point.

➜ CCD provides nails combined with a ring which means that, when you wear your nails you also immediately wear the CCD ring that comes with the nails. You never have to choose again between a nice ring or your prim nails. Now you can have them both!

For customer service, send a notecard to Kimber Carter in SL.