Shamrock Hunt 9/17 March

CCD Hunt Reflective Diamonds & EmeraldsThis 4-piece jewelry set, exquisitely designed with the highest quality reflective diamonds and beautiful green emeralds, is the perfect accessory for St Patrick’s day. Valued at over $1000L, this set is available now free to all group members who are able to follow the clues below and claim these amazing prizes at the CCD store.

This beautiful set comprises; earrings, bracelet, ring and a necklace but, to find all 4 pieces, you will have to follow the clues and enjoy a little of the fabled ‘luck of the irish‘ before you can claim your prize.

As a special bonus, Kimber Carter has added a great extra clue to this hunt. If you can answer the 5th bonus clue correctly, you will find a brand new pose from the great store Pics n Poses. The eponymous Pics n Poses features stock and custom photographs as well as ultra-realistic poses by Sue Hunniton for both men and women.

The hunt will run from March 9th to March 17th. Good luck with all the clues and, most of all, have fun!


Diamond & Emerald EarringsClue 1

Exquisite drop earrings fashioned from the finest reflective diamonds and luscious green emeralds.

To find these delicious diamond and emerald earrings, you will have to decide what is your favourite flavour; chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? If you really like them, why not order a double-scoop?


Emerald & Diamond RingClue 2

The centrepiece of this beautiful ring is a single green square-cut emerald set in a cluster of the most beautiful reflective diamonds available in Second Life.

Why not take a seat and relax while you search for your second clue. A plush sofa or a choice of comfortable chairs? Its entirely up to you.


Emerald & Diamond BraceletClue 3

This bracelet comprizes two full circlets of reflective diamonds married to a single square-cut emerald offering a delightful flash of vibrant colour.

If you haven’t heard Treulich geführt from the opera Lohengrin recently, perhaps the solution to your third clue might come to you while you hum the tune to Here Comes the Bride?


Emerald & Diamond NecklaceClue 4

To complete this exquisite set of diamond and emerald jewelry, Kimber Carter has designed a stunning matching necklace, complete with two rows of reflective diamonds and a single scintilllating pendant of rich emerald green.

The fourth clue is easy. Just look for something that is good for butterfly kisses.


Hurry HurryClue 5

Pics n Poses is a wonderful store located across the street from the $50L outlet at CCD Plaza. For a handy SLURL, please click here. The pose offered in this hunt is called ‘Hurry Hurry’ and includes the bag shown.

The final clue once again hints at the St Patrick’s Day theme; “finding shamrocks makes me just giddy”.



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