2012 MVW Crown

Miss Virtual World 2012 Crown
Miss Virtual World 2012 Crown

Kimber Carter, owner and designer of CCD (Carter’s Custom Designs) will sponsor the Miss Virtual World 2012 crown. Using the beautiful diamond and pearl crown of last year’s event as the basis for her design, Kimber has spelled out the MVW logo using sparkling reflective diamonds to create a new masterpiece, a crown which truly captures the beauty and excitement of the spectacular Miss Virtual World pageant.

The 2012 crown is a collaboration between Kimber Carter and Caithlin Carter, featuring 2 circlets of perfect diamonds accentuated with opalescent pearls and set with the Miss Virtual World motif spelled out in brilliant reflective diamonds. The 2012 crown is undeniably beautiful, reflecting one of the many qualities demanded of the Miss Virtual World contestants, and also regal, capturing something of the elegance and prestige of the event itself.

In jewelry lore, pearls signify purity and modesty while diamonds represent eternity and love. The 2012 Miss Virtual World crown combines all these elements in a significant and unique creation, a fusion of incredible design and exquisite art. This exceptional piece of jewelry is truly breathtaking and is a fitting tribute to the woman who will finally wear the crown on the 17th of December, Miss Virtual World 2012.

The Miss Virtual World 2012 crown is available to view in the foyer of the CCD Store where, as an exclusive offer to celebrate this great event, you can also pick up a free pair of classic earrings.


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