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CCD Plaza - LarryB Writer

CCD is the acronym for Carter’s Custom Designs and the brand was founded on the 1st of January 2008 by designer Caithlin Carter.  In 2010, the business was purchased by the jewelry designer Kimber Carter who, as an accomplished creator in her own right,  has continued the tradition of beautifully designed, glamorous jewelry and accessories; all of which can be found at the CCD store.

Though specialising in elegant Reflective Jewelry, there is also a wide range of other glamorous beauty products at CCD, which include:

    • Prim Nails
    • Prim Nails + Ring
    • Rings
    • Wedding & Engagement sets
    • Eyelashes & Real-Lash
    • Scripted Jewelry
    • Crowns

You can also buy Gift Cards for your family and friends.  If you need any assistance at the store, please ask one of the CCD Live Models for help.  The store has a runway for CCD’s beautiful Live Models and you can see a selection of designs worn at most times of the day.  Details of events and competitions are also well publicised in the store as well as on the diary pages of this blog.