‘Dark Spring’ Mesh Nails (50 Designs)

Dark Spring NailsAnother amazing set of mesh nails has been released at CCD. Available for hand sizes 0, 10 & 20; ‘Dark Spring’ reflects the beauty of the Spring season but with a deliciously dark palette to reflect something of the ‘mysterious’ in you.

Dark Spring Mesh Nails Palette‘Dark Spring’ features delightful floral motifs inspired by Spring combined into a darker palette inspired by the multifaceted woman that you really are. With 50 wondrously distinct textures all available from the easy-to-use HUD, choosing how to complement your outfit has never been easier. Mix and Match designs on your nails to fit your mood or simply select a design for all your nails with one click.

Beautiful designs made easy by CCD.


Valentines Day at CCD

Endless Love

Endless Love

Of course, every day is Valentines Day at CCD. CCD has some of the most romantic and loving jewellery available in Second Life 365 days a year. However, it simply isn’t possible to create such beautiful jewellery without recognising that Valentines Day is a special day for ‘the loved’ and ‘the lovers’ enjoying their relationships in our amazing self-created world.

Celebrating this love on Valentines Day, CCD has released ‘Endless Love‘, a beautiful diamond jewellery set available in silver or gold settings as well as an enticing Heart Belly Button Piercing available for free at CCD Plaza. Other special Valentines Day treats include an array of romantic jewellery, ‘I Love You’ rings for both men and women as well as gift cards, heart-themed jewellery sets in a selection of designs and colours and more ways to show your love than it is possible to list here.

If you are looking for a perfect gift this Valentines Day; something eternal, something beautiful and something that the love in your Second life will never forget, then CCD is the place to come.  Here are some examples of wonderful Valentines Day gifts to tell somebody special how much you love them, to tell a friend how much you care, to inspire, to be generous, to love…

Celebrate your love this Valentines Day in the most romantic of ways – celebrate with a beautiful gift from CCD.

I Love You Men's Ring Valentine RingTrinity Ruby HeartsI Love DiamondsValerieSweetValentineRingframed

Mesh Nails – French Mega 100 Pack

French Mega 100 Pack

‘Moi’ wearing a selection from the French Mega 100 Pack

Mega FrenchThe latest release of CCD Mesh Nails features 100 amazing new designs in a single easy-to-use pack. HUD controlled, the French Mega 100 Pack contains an array of intricate and beautifully executed nail textures which can be individually selected on every nail for total flexibility.  Have fun mixing the designs or perhaps you would prefer just one glamorous design on every nail. Whatever you choose, any look can be achieved with a few simple clicks of the HUD. Both elegant and eminently wearable, the French Mega 100 Pack contains everything you need.

This collection features exquisite French Manicured nails in an dazzling array of colours and designs. Simple and elegant pastel shades are combined with darker tones, intricate textures and some very pretty nail motifs.

Exquisite designs… Elegant manicured nails… 100 amazing textures… All in one easy-to-use HUD… What are you waiting for? The French Mega 100 Pack is available now at CCD.

Mesh Nails – Dark series 2

Dark Series 2

Model – ‘Moi’ (Dark Nails Series 2 and Diamonds & Spikes earrings)

DS 2 HUD66 new scintillating shades are now available to glamorize your nails. The second series of ‘Dark’ Mesh Nails  combines the superlative quality of design found in all CCD nails with 66 exciting new dark-themed textures to give you the ultimate flexibility in your choice of manicure.

‘Dark Series 2’ explores the seductive qualities of black-based textures with flashes of dazzling colour and exceptional patterns. All controlled by one easy-to-use HUD, you can select any one of the 66 available textures for a single finger or for your whole hand.

Maintaining the darkly sensual theme in the main photograph, to complement her selection of nail art from the ‘Dark Series 2’ nail set, Moi is also wearing ‘Spikes and Diamonds’ earrings. These are available from the CCD Main Store as part of the ‘Spikes and Diamonds’ submissive collar set.

Mesh Nails – French Pastels

French Pastels (main)French Pastels (colours)Elegant and sophisticated, French Pastels offer 13 beautifully textured pastel shades to adorn the fingers of the most elegant ladies of Second Life.

Featuring all the simplicity-of-use and amazing quality of design found in all CCD mesh nails, French Pastels make dressing for elegant events and matching your nails with your evening gown the easiest of tasks.

Find your favourite French Pastel shade, available for purchase now at CCD.

Mesh Nails – Polka Dots

Polka Dot (main)

Polka Dots (colours‘Polka Dots’ is another new addition to the range of CCD mesh nails. Bold and fun, Polka Dots (like all CCD mesh nails) allows you to colour your nails in any combination to create any look you desire. With all the quality of design you expect from CCD, Polka Dots is also great fun and amazingly flexible with 15 colour options to choose from. Enjoy a dazzling mix of colours with each of your nails individually manicured or select matching tones for a more conservative look. Whatever mix of colours you choose, you can be sure that Polka Dots will get you noticed.

Annabella & Cleopatra Luxury Jewellery Sets

Cleopatra White Pearl Luxury Collection

Cleopatra White Pearl Luxury Collection

Two amazing new releases from CCD this week. Firstly, Cleopatra in iridescent white pearls from the CCD Luxury Collection. This beautiful and glamorous jewellery set features a 3-strand pearl choker with an ornate drop-pearl and diamond front motif, combined with elegant matching earrings. Whether for a formal event or to add a little glamorous sparkle to an everyday outfit, Cleopatra is a perfect addition to your SL wardrobe. As this lovely set is both resizeable and transferable, Cleopatra would also make a perfect and impressive gift for the lady in your life.

Annabella Luxury Collection

Annabella Luxury Collection

Also in the CCD Luxury Collection, Annabella is a fusion of ornate baroque curves and large eye-catching gems. This is most definitely a jewellery set designed to impress and is certain to add both richness and elegance to any formal outfit. Eye-catching and bold, Annabella will make a perfect centerpiece to your most elegant outfit.