‘Mesh’ Precious Stone Jewellery Sets

Each with a unique design, CCD has released 3 new mesh jewellery sets; reflecting the beauty of Abalone, Onyx and Turquoise. Each set comprises a necklace and matching earrings.

Abalone Mesh The iridescent colours and glistening sheen of abalone brought together in a jewellery set of great simplicity and beauty. ‘Abalone’ is a charming set with a matching necklace and earrings for any occasion. Appropriate for formal or casual outfits, ‘Abalone’ is also flexible; a stunning jewellery set you can wear for almost any occasion.

Onyx Mesh‘Onyx’, also consisting of matching earrings and necklace, features a bold almost monochrome design where the subtle chalcedony is mirrored in a myriad of dark reflections. The beauty of this dark mineral means that ‘Onyx’ can be worn with a host of colours in any of your most delectable outfits. ‘Onyx’ is simply a stunning jewellery set.

Turquoise Mesh‘Turquoise’, in a delightful design twist, combines the ambiguous blue green mix of this enigmatic mineral with the lightness and beauty of butterflies. With subtly laced wings, each butterfly has been painstakingly recreated in this jewellery set to give your avatar a sense of the beauty and freshness of Spring.

All 3 mesh jewellery designs are now available at CCD’s exciting new location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zExposure/68/74/22.


‘Total Style’ – A Great New Look for just $100L

There is a revolutionary new concept in shopping at CCD. Created by 2 of Second Life’s finest and most innovative designers (Kimber Carter & Hela Lennie), ‘Total Style’ brings you a gown, jewellery and nails all in one tastefully coordinated package. Most amazingly of all, each ‘Total Style’ collection is available for only $100L at CCD Plaza right now.

Dark Lace (Total Style)

Dark Lace (Total Style)

Glam Lace (Total Style)

Glam Lace (Total Style

Bold (Total Style)

Bold (Total Style)

Tini Lace (Total Style)

Tini Lace (Total Style)

Featuring luxurious textures and exquisite mesh design, each ‘Total Style’ elegant gown has been beautifully coordinated with stunning jewellery and superlative nails to give you both an instant outfit and an instantly glamorous new look.

Total Style - Model 'Moi'

Total Style – Model ‘Moi’

If purchased individually, each of these designer-coordinated outfits would be likely to cost in excess of $1000L but, without cutting any corners in quality of design, CCD brings you each collection for only $100L; a truly spectacular price for a complete outfit of such elegance and beauty.

Each gown features a sexy and daring low-cut back and off-the-shoulder design – perfect for showing off the classic jewellery and highest-quality nails which are contained in each pack. Classy and elegant, each ‘Total Style’ design has a different flavour and a different mood to suit every occasion in Second Life.

The ‘Total Style’ packs are available now outside near the entrance of CCD Plaza and are another ‘must have’ item in your CCD collection.

Valentines Day at CCD

Endless Love

Endless Love

Of course, every day is Valentines Day at CCD. CCD has some of the most romantic and loving jewellery available in Second Life 365 days a year. However, it simply isn’t possible to create such beautiful jewellery without recognising that Valentines Day is a special day for ‘the loved’ and ‘the lovers’ enjoying their relationships in our amazing self-created world.

Celebrating this love on Valentines Day, CCD has released ‘Endless Love‘, a beautiful diamond jewellery set available in silver or gold settings as well as an enticing Heart Belly Button Piercing available for free at CCD Plaza. Other special Valentines Day treats include an array of romantic jewellery, ‘I Love You’ rings for both men and women as well as gift cards, heart-themed jewellery sets in a selection of designs and colours and more ways to show your love than it is possible to list here.

If you are looking for a perfect gift this Valentines Day; something eternal, something beautiful and something that the love in your Second life will never forget, then CCD is the place to come.  Here are some examples of wonderful Valentines Day gifts to tell somebody special how much you love them, to tell a friend how much you care, to inspire, to be generous, to love…

Celebrate your love this Valentines Day in the most romantic of ways – celebrate with a beautiful gift from CCD.

I Love You Men's Ring Valentine RingTrinity Ruby HeartsI Love DiamondsValerieSweetValentineRingframed

Annabella & Cleopatra Luxury Jewellery Sets

Cleopatra White Pearl Luxury Collection

Cleopatra White Pearl Luxury Collection

Two amazing new releases from CCD this week. Firstly, Cleopatra in iridescent white pearls from the CCD Luxury Collection. This beautiful and glamorous jewellery set features a 3-strand pearl choker with an ornate drop-pearl and diamond front motif, combined with elegant matching earrings. Whether for a formal event or to add a little glamorous sparkle to an everyday outfit, Cleopatra is a perfect addition to your SL wardrobe. As this lovely set is both resizeable and transferable, Cleopatra would also make a perfect and impressive gift for the lady in your life.

Annabella Luxury Collection

Annabella Luxury Collection

Also in the CCD Luxury Collection, Annabella is a fusion of ornate baroque curves and large eye-catching gems. This is most definitely a jewellery set designed to impress and is certain to add both richness and elegance to any formal outfit. Eye-catching and bold, Annabella will make a perfect centerpiece to your most elegant outfit.

Halloween Jewelry & Nails

Perfect for your Halloween celebrations here in Second Life, the ‘Morticia’ spookily elegant jewelry set and some wonderful extra-long black nails are now available at CCD.

Morticia Jewelry Set

‘Morticia’ features a silver spider-web necklace with delightful matching earrings. With modify / transfer permissions, this spooky jewelry set would make a wonderful gift for Halloween. Beautifully designed and perfectly suited for the season’s Halloween parties, ‘Morticia’ will be a fun addition to any Halloween outfit.

Extra-Long Black Nails

Why not also add a touch of Halloween glamour to your favourite scary outfit with these elegant extra-long black nails? CCD nails are known for their high quality and wonderful textures. This design brings a touch of elegance to the scariest of Halloween ensembles.

‘Petite Avatar’ Jewelry & Accessories

Petite Goddess

CCD is very proud to announce the release of a stunning new range of jewelry and accessories designed specifically for ‘Petite Avatars’.

With the introduction of Mesh and Mesh-compatible viewers for Second Life, it is now possible to totally transform your avatar into a dazzling array of fantastical shapes and sizes. One of the most popular communities in this new Mesh-enabled world is the magical world of fairy-like ‘Petite Avatars’, beautiful avatars approximately 1/3 of the size of a regular Second Life avatar.

Petite - Magic Hair w-jewelryWith everything from beautiful eyelashes and jeweled hair to full fantasy jewelry sets (see main photograph – Petite Goddess), CCD can help to make your new Petite Avatar even more beautiful.

Petite - Venus Diamond Fantasy RealLash

Losing nothing of the quality of CCD’s full-size designs, the ‘Petite Avatar’ range offers a wealth of glamorous possibilities in this new tiny world-within-a-world.

All the new jewelry and accessories for Petite Avatars can be found close to the Landing Point of CCD Plaza.

Mesh Clothing Boutique Now Open at CCD

An exciting new range of Mesh clothing is now available at CCD featuring some wonderful Mesh creations in a dazzling array of designs and colours. All CCD Mesh clothing is available in the newly opened Mesh Boutique, conveniently situated to the East of the Landing Point in CCD Plaza.

The CCD Tight Fit Dress comes in 17 design variations and 5 sizes to give you maximum flexibility. Available in a variety of materials and textures, the beautifully made Tight Fit Dress offers a myriad of possibilities.

Butterflies PinkJewelry sets to complement the new clothing range are also available in the Mesh Boutique. Twelve variations of the Zanadu jewelry set are available, each one themed perfectly to match your new outfit. Each set comprises bangles, earrings and necklace; all designed with CCD’s customary flair and quality.

Long Mesh DressThe Open Sequins Party Gown, another new Mesh creation, is available in 7 glorious colours. Glamorous and enticing, this design flows from a single strapped halter neck in a daring cascade of colour, plunging low on both the front and back of the gown.

The Open Sequins Party Gown is sold in 2 sizes with a complementary belly piercing.

Other Mesh clothing available now at CCD includes leather pants / trousers in 10 beautiful colour variations with ultra high quality realistic textures.

About Mesh Clothing

Mesh in Second Life is a relatively new innovation which enables designers to create beautiful new clothing using professional 3D design tools outside of the viewer.

Mesh clothing does require a Mesh-compatible viewer and may require some minor adjustments to your avatar shape for correct fitting. CCD Mesh clothing comes in a variety of sizes and appropriately-sized avatar shapes are available in the CCD Mesh Boutique. It is highly recommended that you try the Demo for every item of Mesh clothing before you buy.

More detailed information about ‘Mesh’ may be found on the Second Life Wiki or the Second Life Mesh Forum.