‘Total Style’ – A Great New Look for just $100L

There is a revolutionary new concept in shopping at CCD. Created by 2 of Second Life’s finest and most innovative designers (Kimber Carter & Hela Lennie), ‘Total Style’ brings you a gown, jewellery and nails all in one tastefully coordinated package. Most amazingly of all, each ‘Total Style’ collection is available for only $100L at CCD Plaza right now.

Dark Lace (Total Style)

Dark Lace (Total Style)

Glam Lace (Total Style)

Glam Lace (Total Style

Bold (Total Style)

Bold (Total Style)

Tini Lace (Total Style)

Tini Lace (Total Style)

Featuring luxurious textures and exquisite mesh design, each ‘Total Style’ elegant gown has been beautifully coordinated with stunning jewellery and superlative nails to give you both an instant outfit and an instantly glamorous new look.

Total Style - Model 'Moi'

Total Style – Model ‘Moi’

If purchased individually, each of these designer-coordinated outfits would be likely to cost in excess of $1000L but, without cutting any corners in quality of design, CCD brings you each collection for only $100L; a truly spectacular price for a complete outfit of such elegance and beauty.

Each gown features a sexy and daring low-cut back and off-the-shoulder design – perfect for showing off the classic jewellery and highest-quality nails which are contained in each pack. Classy and elegant, each ‘Total Style’ design has a different flavour and a different mood to suit every occasion in Second Life.

The ‘Total Style’ packs are available now outside near the entrance of CCD Plaza and are another ‘must have’ item in your CCD collection.


Valentines Day at CCD

Endless Love

Endless Love

Of course, every day is Valentines Day at CCD. CCD has some of the most romantic and loving jewellery available in Second Life 365 days a year. However, it simply isn’t possible to create such beautiful jewellery without recognising that Valentines Day is a special day for ‘the loved’ and ‘the lovers’ enjoying their relationships in our amazing self-created world.

Celebrating this love on Valentines Day, CCD has released ‘Endless Love‘, a beautiful diamond jewellery set available in silver or gold settings as well as an enticing Heart Belly Button Piercing available for free at CCD Plaza. Other special Valentines Day treats include an array of romantic jewellery, ‘I Love You’ rings for both men and women as well as gift cards, heart-themed jewellery sets in a selection of designs and colours and more ways to show your love than it is possible to list here.

If you are looking for a perfect gift this Valentines Day; something eternal, something beautiful and something that the love in your Second life will never forget, then CCD is the place to come.  Here are some examples of wonderful Valentines Day gifts to tell somebody special how much you love them, to tell a friend how much you care, to inspire, to be generous, to love…

Celebrate your love this Valentines Day in the most romantic of ways – celebrate with a beautiful gift from CCD.

I Love You Men's Ring Valentine RingTrinity Ruby HeartsI Love DiamondsValerieSweetValentineRingframed

‘Petite Avatar’ Jewelry & Accessories

Petite Goddess

CCD is very proud to announce the release of a stunning new range of jewelry and accessories designed specifically for ‘Petite Avatars’.

With the introduction of Mesh and Mesh-compatible viewers for Second Life, it is now possible to totally transform your avatar into a dazzling array of fantastical shapes and sizes. One of the most popular communities in this new Mesh-enabled world is the magical world of fairy-like ‘Petite Avatars’, beautiful avatars approximately 1/3 of the size of a regular Second Life avatar.

Petite - Magic Hair w-jewelryWith everything from beautiful eyelashes and jeweled hair to full fantasy jewelry sets (see main photograph – Petite Goddess), CCD can help to make your new Petite Avatar even more beautiful.

Petite - Venus Diamond Fantasy RealLash

Losing nothing of the quality of CCD’s full-size designs, the ‘Petite Avatar’ range offers a wealth of glamorous possibilities in this new tiny world-within-a-world.

All the new jewelry and accessories for Petite Avatars can be found close to the Landing Point of CCD Plaza.

‘Grace’ – CCD / BOSL Exclusive Release

BOSL Exclusive

Comprising 7 unique items, the ‘Grace’ jewelry set will make a highly versatile and stunningly beautiful addition to your Second Life wardrobe. Created from a myriad of glistening pearls combined flawlessly with a shimmering flower motif, ‘Grace’ is the epitome of elegance and beauty.

The ‘Grace’ jewelry set contains:

  • Pearl and flower choker
  • Additional ‘back’ jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Ring

Consisting of 3 separate strands of pearls, the additional ‘back’ jewelry (supplied in the set) can be worn with the Pearl & Flower choker if desired and looks beautiful with a backless gown or low halter dress. ‘Grace’ is a highly versatile selection of jewelry, designed with flexibility in mind.

Available only at the CCD store in the highly exclusive BOSL Renaissance Galleria, ‘Grace’ represents the very best in wearable haute couture design. Landmarks below:

CCD satellite store – Renaissance Galleria

CCD Main Store – CCD Plaza

Photography by LarryB Writer

St Patrick’s Day Specials at CCD

St Patrick's Day Specials

Come let CCD help you celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style. Known in Irish as Lá Fhéile Pádraig, St Patrick’s Day is traditionally marked by the wearing of the green and this year you can find a fantastic array of green-themed items in the main CCD Plaza. All St Patrick’s Day items are available for a limited period for an amazing price of only $25L. There is also a beautiful clover leaf eyebrow piercing available free.

The CCD St Patrick’s Day green-themed ‘Specials’ are:

  • ‘Ice’ long prim nails – $25L.
  • Emerald and diamond ring – $25L.
  • Emerald and diamond earrings – $25L.
  • Emerald and diamond bracelets – $25L.
  • A two-circlet emerald and diamond necklace – $25L.
  • ‘Outgoing’ eyeshadow / tattoo-layer makeup – $25L.
  • Lucky 4-leaf clover belly piercing – $25L.
  • ‘Kelly gown – $25L.
  • ‘Daisy’ gown – $25L.
  • Lucky 4-leaf clover eyebrow piercing – free.

All items are available from the cart at CCD Plaza and this collection contains everything you need to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the best of haute couture elegance and style. Hurry over before this incredible offer ends.

‘Real’ Hands – Sculpt Hands & Nails from CCD

Sculpt Hands Composite

Available now at CCD, a highly innovative and beautifully designed new product to meet all your manicure and jewelry needs. Real Hands features ‘sculpt’ hands which replace your avatar’s hands and keep your nails in exactly the right position all the time regardless of your pose or AO. No more detached floating nails or modifying your shape to get your nails to fit; CCD Real Hands does everything for you.

Features / Advantages:

  • Your AO will not displace your nails. Your nails are always perfectly positioned.
  • No need to modify your shape to fit your nails. Now you can wear amazing nails with your favourite ‘no modify’ shape.
  • For modeling, you can now be assured that your nails will always be attached perfectly to your fingers.
  • Choose between ‘with rings’ or ‘without rings’ options (you can always add your own rings if your viewer has this feature).

Real Hands comes with 15 beautiful pre-loaded nail textures /colours and an array of jewelry, available in gold or silver. Choose to wear Real Hands with or without stylish CCD rings or the stunning choker, tiara, earrings and jewelled belt contained in each purchase.

Real Hand HUD

Real Hands features an easy-to-use HUD to allow skin-tone matching and selection of your favourite manicure. The hands can be resized simply by clicking (resizer script). Everything you need is available from the HUD with just a few simple clicks of your mouse. Elegance and simplicity from CCD.

Exquisite high-quality nail textures, a huge choice of glamorous jewelry, innovative design and simplicity of use – Real Hands from CCD.

Bangles – New Release from CCD

CCD Bangles

‘Bangles’ are an exciting new release from CCD. Available in a myriad of colours and a plethora of beautiful designs, CCD Bangles are a fresh and inspiring addition to your up-to-the-minute wardrobe.

Come see the full range in the foyer of CCD where all 29 variations are beautifully displayed on the vendor just inside the entrance to the store. With a multitude of exquisite designs, CCD Bangles range from playful multi-coloured creations to elegant haute-couture designs in more muted shades. The full collection has something for every occasion.

Fora limited time, CCD Bangles are available at a 50% discount.