‘Total Style’ – A Great New Look for just $100L

There is a revolutionary new concept in shopping at CCD. Created by 2 of Second Life’s finest and most innovative designers (Kimber Carter & Hela Lennie), ‘Total Style’ brings you a gown, jewellery and nails all in one tastefully coordinated package. Most amazingly of all, each ‘Total Style’ collection is available for only $100L at CCD Plaza right now.

Dark Lace (Total Style)

Dark Lace (Total Style)

Glam Lace (Total Style)

Glam Lace (Total Style

Bold (Total Style)

Bold (Total Style)

Tini Lace (Total Style)

Tini Lace (Total Style)

Featuring luxurious textures and exquisite mesh design, each ‘Total Style’ elegant gown has been beautifully coordinated with stunning jewellery and superlative nails to give you both an instant outfit and an instantly glamorous new look.

Total Style - Model 'Moi'

Total Style – Model ‘Moi’

If purchased individually, each of these designer-coordinated outfits would be likely to cost in excess of $1000L but, without cutting any corners in quality of design, CCD brings you each collection for only $100L; a truly spectacular price for a complete outfit of such elegance and beauty.

Each gown features a sexy and daring low-cut back and off-the-shoulder design – perfect for showing off the classic jewellery and highest-quality nails which are contained in each pack. Classy and elegant, each ‘Total Style’ design has a different flavour and a different mood to suit every occasion in Second Life.

The ‘Total Style’ packs are available now outside near the entrance of CCD Plaza and are another ‘must have’ item in your CCD collection.


Halter Minidress (Mesh)

Halter Minidress (Mesh)

In bold primary colours and featuring a great snappy design, the latest Mesh release at CCD is a tour-de-force of casual elegance for the discerning avatar in Second Life.

All CCD Mesh clothing is available in the newly opened Mesh Boutique, conveniently situated to the East of the Landing Point in CCD Plaza.

About Mesh Clothing

Mesh in Second Life is a relatively new innovation which enables designers to create beautiful new clothing using professional 3D design tools outside of the viewer.

Mesh clothing does require a Mesh-compatible viewer and may require some minor adjustments to your avatar shape for correct fitting. CCD Mesh clothing comes in a variety of sizes and appropriately-sized avatar shapes are available in the CCD Mesh Boutique. It is highly recommended that you try the Demo for every item of Mesh clothing before you buy.

More detailed information about ‘Mesh’ may be found on the Second Life Wiki or the Second Life Mesh Forum.

St Patrick’s Day Specials at CCD

St Patrick's Day Specials

Come let CCD help you celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style. Known in Irish as Lá Fhéile Pádraig, St Patrick’s Day is traditionally marked by the wearing of the green and this year you can find a fantastic array of green-themed items in the main CCD Plaza. All St Patrick’s Day items are available for a limited period for an amazing price of only $25L. There is also a beautiful clover leaf eyebrow piercing available free.

The CCD St Patrick’s Day green-themed ‘Specials’ are:

  • ‘Ice’ long prim nails – $25L.
  • Emerald and diamond ring – $25L.
  • Emerald and diamond earrings – $25L.
  • Emerald and diamond bracelets – $25L.
  • A two-circlet emerald and diamond necklace – $25L.
  • ‘Outgoing’ eyeshadow / tattoo-layer makeup – $25L.
  • Lucky 4-leaf clover belly piercing – $25L.
  • ‘Kelly gown – $25L.
  • ‘Daisy’ gown – $25L.
  • Lucky 4-leaf clover eyebrow piercing – free.

All items are available from the cart at CCD Plaza and this collection contains everything you need to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the best of haute couture elegance and style. Hurry over before this incredible offer ends.

January Sale – All Dresses, Gowns & Clothing Only $50L

Melli Butterfly Dress (Purple)

Melli Butterfly Dress (shown in purple)

For the entire month of January, CCD is offering all dresses, gowns and clothing for the incredible price of only $50L. With an array of the highest-quality haute couture designs available in a myriad of dazzling colours, there is something in the CCD January Sale for everyone.

Nostalgia Gown

Nostalgia Gown

We can only show just a handful of the beautiful dresses and gowns in this blog post but everything in this sale can be viewed on the upper floor of the CCD Store. Every item has been exquisitely designed and covers an eye-watering range of styles from elegant evening gowns to less formal dresses and body-suits. Many of the designs are available in a multitude of colours and, for one month only, everything is priced at $50L. The quality of these designs is astounding; reflecting the attention to detail, superlative choice of colours and textures and the elegant aesthetic that is synonomous with CCD.


Make a note in your diaries to visit the CCD Store in January to pick up some fantastic designer bargains before this once-in-a-lifetime sale ends.

Jill, Caroline & Kelly

Jill, Caroline & Kelly

Nostalgia Dress & Hat

Nostalgia Dress & HatDisplayed on the first floor of CCD, the ‘Nostalgia’ dress and hat combination is available in 8 beautiful shades; either individually or in a great-value fatpack.

Sophisticated, elegant and sexy; ‘Nostalgia’ is a beautiful design which will set you apart at the most glamorous of formal events. Daring in its decollotage, sophisticated in its sumptuous textures and perfectly presented in a wonderful design, ‘Nostalgia’ is a must-have gown for the lady about town.

‘Nostalgia’ is available in the colours red, black, burleywood, indigo, plum, sea green, silver star and misty rose. Each outfit contains both the beautiful gown and hat and is priced at only $350L. The fatpack is great value at only $1599, a saving of over $1200L.

Come be sophisticated at CCD and add a little ‘Nostalgia’ to your Second Life.