‘Mesh’ Precious Stone Jewellery Sets

Each with a unique design, CCD has released 3 new mesh jewellery sets; reflecting the beauty of Abalone, Onyx and Turquoise. Each set comprises a necklace and matching earrings.

Abalone Mesh The iridescent colours and glistening sheen of abalone brought together in a jewellery set of great simplicity and beauty. ‘Abalone’ is a charming set with a matching necklace and earrings for any occasion. Appropriate for formal or casual outfits, ‘Abalone’ is also flexible; a stunning jewellery set you can wear for almost any occasion.

Onyx Mesh‘Onyx’, also consisting of matching earrings and necklace, features a bold almost monochrome design where the subtle chalcedony is mirrored in a myriad of dark reflections. The beauty of this dark mineral means that ‘Onyx’ can be worn with a host of colours in any of your most delectable outfits. ‘Onyx’ is simply a stunning jewellery set.

Turquoise Mesh‘Turquoise’, in a delightful design twist, combines the ambiguous blue green mix of this enigmatic mineral with the lightness and beauty of butterflies. With subtly laced wings, each butterfly has been painstakingly recreated in this jewellery set to give your avatar a sense of the beauty and freshness of Spring.

All 3 mesh jewellery designs are now available at CCD’s exciting new location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zExposure/68/74/22.


CCD – Sim Opening Celebration & Party

CCD LogoTo mark the successful move of CCD to a beautiful new sim, Kimber Carter and LarryB Writer invite you to join them for a day of celebration. With live DJs, dancing, an exciting art exhibition and a great sidewalk sale, this event has something for everyone.

WhenToday… Saturday, June 22, 2013 at 10:00 AM SLT & 18:00 PM SLT (the sale and exhibitions will run all day).

Where –¬†http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zExposure/68/74/22

Dress – The theme for the 2 principal events with the live DJs is ‘Black & White’ – with Classic Rock so wear your most intriguing ‘black and white’ if you would like to complement the event theme.

The Artists –¬†

We look forward to seeing you there. Enjoy the artistic works and great live DJs and pick up a beautiful bargain from your favourite store during your visit.

CCD is Moving – Saturday 1st of June

CCD Luxury JewelryMake a note in your diaries! With a beautiful new store and a wonderful new location, CCD will move on Saturday 1st of June.

Everything is ready and, with 2 stores to visit on the new CCD plaza, you will find everything you need for that perfect look. To celebrate this exciting development, CCD will mark the opening of the new plaza with free gifts and many exciting discounts – just look near the entrances to the shops or find the yellow discount stickers in-store.

Total Style at CCD

At the new plaza you will find CCD Luxury Jewelry with all your favourite jewellery designs, exciting new releases, accessories, beautiful nails and make-up. At the new location, you will also find CCD Total Style, featuring coordinated clothing and jewellery sets for a ready-made solution to all your glamour and fashion needs.

With such an exciting new store, free gifts, new releases and a huge number of discounts – make sure you keep your diary clear this Saturday 1st of June.

Watch the CCD Blog for updates and your new Landmark.

‘Dark Spring’ Mesh Nails (50 Designs)

Dark Spring NailsAnother amazing set of mesh nails has been released at CCD. Available for hand sizes 0, 10 & 20; ‘Dark Spring’ reflects the beauty of the Spring season but with a deliciously dark palette to reflect something of the ‘mysterious’ in you.

Dark Spring Mesh Nails Palette‘Dark Spring’ features delightful floral motifs inspired by Spring combined into a darker palette inspired by the multifaceted woman that you really are. With 50 wondrously distinct textures all available from the easy-to-use HUD, choosing how to complement your outfit has never been easier. Mix and Match designs on your nails to fit your mood or simply select a design for all your nails with one click.

Beautiful designs made easy by CCD.

‘Total Style’ – A Great New Look for just $100L

There is a revolutionary new concept in shopping at CCD. Created by 2 of Second Life’s finest and most innovative designers (Kimber Carter & Hela Lennie), ‘Total Style’ brings you a gown, jewellery and nails all in one tastefully coordinated package. Most amazingly of all, each ‘Total Style’ collection is available for only $100L at CCD Plaza right now.

Dark Lace (Total Style)

Dark Lace (Total Style)

Glam Lace (Total Style)

Glam Lace (Total Style

Bold (Total Style)

Bold (Total Style)

Tini Lace (Total Style)

Tini Lace (Total Style)

Featuring luxurious textures and exquisite mesh design, each ‘Total Style’ elegant gown has been beautifully coordinated with stunning jewellery and superlative nails to give you both an instant outfit and an instantly glamorous new look.

Total Style - Model 'Moi'

Total Style – Model ‘Moi’

If purchased individually, each of these designer-coordinated outfits would be likely to cost in excess of $1000L but, without cutting any corners in quality of design, CCD brings you each collection for only $100L; a truly spectacular price for a complete outfit of such elegance and beauty.

Each gown features a sexy and daring low-cut back and off-the-shoulder design – perfect for showing off the classic jewellery and highest-quality nails which are contained in each pack. Classy and elegant, each ‘Total Style’ design has a different flavour and a different mood to suit every occasion in Second Life.

The ‘Total Style’ packs are available now outside near the entrance of CCD Plaza and are another ‘must have’ item in your CCD collection.

‘Spring’ Mega 50 Pack 2 Mesh Nails

Spring Mega 50 Pack 2 (Mesh Nails)

Spring Mega 50 Pack 2 (Mesh Nails) – Model ‘Moi’

The second pack of Spring-inspired HUD-controlled mesh nails is now available at CCD. 50 exquisite and finely-crafted new textures are ready for use in this latest release of highest-quality mesh nails. Complete your Spring manicure in time for a beautiful Easter break.

Spring 2 Colour ChartWith a plethora of beautifully detailed textures to choose from, your choices are limitless. Use the HUD to control which texture to apply to each finger or simply select one texture to apply a professional manicure to your hands with a single click of the HUD.

Delightful Spring-themed textures, rich shades and an array of choices means that you have a bouquet of beautiful colours literally at your fingertips. Why be limited to a single design when, with CCD’s HUD-controlled mesh nails, you can choose the designs YOU want for the look that YOU desire.

The ‘Spring’ Mega 50 Pack 2 mesh nails are delivered ready-to-wear for hand sizes 0, 10 or 20.